2020 Ars Electronica Garden Seoul: Carden of Third Life

2020. 9. 9. Wed. – 13. Sun.


Online Exhibition

Ars Electronica Garden Seoul

Korea National University of Arts presents the Ars Electronica Garden Seoul Festival from September 9 to 13 – in Seoul and the online world. Korea National University of Arts was invited to the Ars Electronica Festival to present diverse ideas on natural and regional boundaries and digital networks related to the inherent physical limitations triggered by the COVID-19 Pandemics. In 2020, instead of rallying in Linz, Austria, for the Ars Electronica Festival, more than 120 participating organizations hold events under the theme of Garden in each region, while the Ars Electronica Festival organized a kind of digital travel agency that connected them online. Korea National University of Arts focuses on the regional characteristics of Seoul, Korea’s representative city, through nature, society, and technical environment, as the overall “garden”. The approach raises the topic of what kind of garden we will take care of in the future of “Third Life,” where reality and virtual overlap.

Journey into the Virtual Third Garde〈Third Garden〉

In ‘Third Life’ where virtual and reality overlap due to the development of media technology, what kind of gardener (artist) can we be in a new forms of garden(creative environment)?

〈Third Garden〉is a web-based online exhibition that experiments with new art appreciation based on the cultural environment of Korean society where digital media penetrates deeply. Since the 20th century, the development of interactive media has made the creation of art in a new environment a hot issue, especially in 2020, due to Corona 19 Pandemics, we have been given a sudden mission to create and view art in new way. 〈Third Garden〉was constructed to collect artists’ concerns, research processes, and experiments. As an augmented reality exhibition based on mobile, 〈Third Garden〉is designed to allow to view each artist’s work at the exhibition that is unfolded through virtual 3D object, which overlaps with the scenery of real space seen through the mobile. Audiences accessed into the 〈Third Garden〉via QR code or link are invited as potential gardeners.

Journey into the Everyday Life 〈Seoul Garden〉
Green City, Seoul

〈Seoul Garden〉is a virtual exhibition space consisting of photographs and interviews taken in Seoul summer 2020, designed by Aïsha Noomi Stief, an exchange student from Germany. Aïsha re-constructed the landscape and conversations into virtual space in ‘Mozilla Hubs’, from her perspective. The project is based on an interesting view of Seoul’s buildings and residents, who utilize even tiny spaces to grow their own gardens. It is a project that discovers a new image of Seoul as a green city through the eyes of visitors, which residents recognize only as “building forests” made by concrete.