The Global Convergence Art Exchange Project

The Worldwide Lab (http://karts.worldwidelab.kr) is an online platform operated by the Art Collider Lab, Center for Art Convergence for the international exchange of convergence arts at the Korea National University of Arts.

The Art Collider Lab, in cooperation with Ars Electronica Festival for two consecutive years since 2020, has conducted research into the possibility of creating new art through the “convergence [A2] of art and technology,” and its presentation on stage. In addition, it aims to provide international exchange opportunities for students to help them to improve their global sense and to advance into overseas markets.​

Host / Organizer

Founded in 1992, the Korea National University of Arts is a national university of arts established to foster professional artists. The Conservatory of Music, Theater, Film, Dance, Fine Arts, and Traditional Arts Center are independent educational institutions. Each of the six schools is a separate educational institution with its own specialties and expertise; however, active exchanges within the common framework of art further deepens each institution’s expertise.

Center for Art Convergence

The Center for Art Convergence is an affiliated institution of the Korea National University of Arts and is undertaking various projects at the intersection of art and technology.

The Art Collider Lab, an affiliated center of the Korea National University of Arts, provides educational programs on creative methods through the fusion of arts, technology, and society, beyond the convergence of art genres. Through various creative educational programs, it aims to foster talent who can create and mediate convergence art. AC Lab has continued to study various convergence arts education in cooperation with leading domestic institutions such as the Korea Arts & Culture Education Service, the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, the Seongbuk Cultural Foundation, and the Pangyo ICT & Culture Convergence Center. Starting in 2020, Art Collider Lab has been working with Ars Electronica to study the possibility of new art through the convergence of art and technology and continue its global convergence art exchange project to showcase talented artists and outstanding artworks to the international stage. Through this, the Lab aims to provide opportunities for international exchange to school members, improve their global sense and help them enter the overseas stage.


The Ars Electronica Festival, established in 1979, is the world’s leading media art festival that expands its horizons with the keywords such as Art, Technology and Society. Ars Electronica, based in Linz, Austria, presents a future image combining science and art through Festival, PRIX, FutureLab, Center, and Solution departments.