Day 2. Humor for Play

① Young Yim Doh / Anyone Can Play!

Games started from Play, a unique human value, and are attracting attention as a new communication method of the POST-COVID Era. Based on case studies of older adult players and players with disability, we talk about the future possibility of bridging the gap between members of society and creating empathy through digital games. In addition, we suggest the need to improve game accessibility and game literacy for a happy life of all community members.

Young Yim Doh (Professor of KAIST GSCT)

Young Yim Doh is an professor in the Graduate School of Culture Technology (GSCT) at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and the director of the Games and Life Lab. She received a BA/MA/Ph.D. degree in psychology at Yonsei University. At GSCT, KAIST, as a cyber psychologist with a socio-cultural perspective, her current research interests are focused on analyzing player’s experiences and behavioral changes. In addition, she has participated in the social activities of fostering game literacy for healthy game culture and discovering social agendas related to future games.

② Sun Park X Jing Yang / Play – Network – Art

This lecture consists of individual introductions and discourse between game developers Sun Park, who organizes an experimental network between game developers, and Yang Jing, who unravels the interaction between artworks and audiences through games. Based on the interactive characteristics of the game, the two speakers, who have created unique connections, examine the creative possibilities of the game and the power of the network.

Sun Park(Independent Game Developer)

Sun Park is the creative director of the game development studio Turtle Cream. He directed the development of “Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory” and “6180 the Moon”, and has organized a group of game developers, “Project.99”, to create experimental games. Park creates and operates events for game developers such as the experimental game festival “Out of Index” and “Seoul Indies,” a group of indie developers based in Seoul.

Yang Jing(Game Designer, curator, writer)

Yang Jing is a Game Designer, curator and writer in the intersection of art and game. She just made the game Forgetter with game artist and technologist Alan Kwan in 2020-2021, and is touring around China to display this art game in game fairs. She also curates and writes about games, art and art game, to fulfill her dream ever since she first became a game addict when she was 13 thanks to a martial-art-novel-inspired RPG.