Day 3. Humor for Future Creativity

① Clarence Ng Kian Peow / Art Museum is a New Playground

Yamaguchi Art Center (YCAM) is an art institution that pursues new artistic expressions that incorporate media technology and has continued various art projects and educational programs since its establishment. This lecture introduces cases of YCAM’s representative educational programs for the community and examines art education for future creative talent through a gamifying approach based on play.

Clarence Ng Kian Peow(Production Manager, YCAM)

Clarence Ng joined the YCAM, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, in 2012 as a production manager to manage the 10th Anniversary programs, directed by Ryuichi Sakamoto. After the anniversary, he joined YCAM as a full-time position to take account into managing and restructuring the production environment within the center’s ecosystem, so as to gain momentum of the operation for creation, research and development of a new artwork, hoping one day the center to be one of the world’s leading media art producing center anticipated by the professionals all over the world.

② Gilles Jobin / Exploring the New Digital Territories for Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance offers an ideal field for the artistic exploration of new imaging technologies. In this lecture Gilles Jobin will present the creative process behind his recent virtual works. Based on his recent experience with immersive volumetric technologies he will share with the participants his vision about the new digital territories for dance.

Gilles Jobin(Choreographer, Artistic Director of The Cie)

Internationally renowned choreographer Gilles Jobin has created some twenty dance pieces since 1995 which have earned him critical as well as public acclaim. In 2015 he received the 2015 Swiss Grand Award for Dance by the Federal Office of Culture from Federal Councillor Alain Berset. Fascinated with new image technologies, Jobin made a 3D film in 2016, WOMB. After WOMB, He created many dance pieces including VR_I, Magic Window, Dance Trail, La Comédie Virtuelle, Live show, La Comédie Virtuelle – Live show, Cosmogony in immersive virtual and augmented reality. With his VR and AR projects, Jobin addresses the issue of content creation for these new technologies from the viewpoint of performing arts.

③ Kiheon Shin / Literacy for Future Artists

This lecture explores what tools artists who prepare for the future can have among the changing virtual world’s creative and appreciation environments and how far the canvas can be given to artists in the current situation when the boundaries between the real and the virtual world are blurred. The lecture can allow the artist to face the future instead of focusing on the past and the present.

Kiheon Shin(Freelance Creative Director)

Kiheon Shin has continued various experiments in which creative and technology converge into one in areas such as space, art, design, marketing, and IT. Through cooperation with domestic and international companies, LG OLED TV Animal Crossing Campaign, Bangkok Line Friends Theme Park, and E-Mart Sunny Sale Campaign have been produced. In 2012, he won five awards at the Cannes International Advertising Festival. Now, he is participating in many strategies, planning, and production projects on Metaverse.