Online performance
〈Code: Human〉

New Ritual (2018)


Streaming scheduled : 2021. 9. 8.(Wed) 19:00 KST / 12:00 CEST

리서치 아카이브

〈New Ritual〉is a spiritual performance that combines Korean shamanic rhythms, traditional mask dance, and modern musical language to embrace humanity and heal the wounds of modern society. The performance has five sections and begins with an entry into an artistic spiritual trance through counterclockwise motion. SaaWee is a duo consisting of Latin Grammy Awards-winning violinist Sita Chay, who is originally from New York, and London-based percussionist Jihye Kim. Insoo Park, a master of the Bongsan mask dance, also participated in this performance.

The Purpose of Talchum: A Study of the Formal and Practical Meaning of Talchum and its Sustainability in Modern Society (2021)

Performed by Insun Park

Streaming scheduled :2021. 9. 9.(Thu) 19:00 KST / 12:00 CEST


In〈Purpose of Talchum〉, a female figure leads the play by herself and portrays a contemporary version of the mask dance, which has traditionally been performed by men. By taking off the mask, it shows the meaning and purpose of breaking away from the confines of formality; and with a traditional mask on one side and a synthesizer sound machine on the other, it shows the possibilities of an art without boundaries, swinging between tradition and modernity. In particular, the exploration of gender and hierarchy asks us how the mask dance can reach out to contemporary audiences.

Neo-Human Scale (2020)

HjkEg Collective

Streaming scheduled : 2021. 9. 10.(Fri) 19:00 KST / 12:00 CEST


〈Neo-Human Scale〉involved research into various topics such as proxemics, the scale of human history, microbial community distribution, the concept of distance in biology, and cosmology. It incorporates images of the natural environment including images of microbial communities, drones, human social distance, and the distance in space and the galaxy. This process of evolution shows how we emerged as Homo sapiens from primitive organisms. Initially, the work was produced with horizontal installation on the floor to provide the viewer with a unique omniscient perspective from top to bottom.