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In an ideal space disconnected 30,000ft above from reality,
Connie makes constellations and keeps/upholds an innocence that should never be forgotten.
However, she is thrown into the reality of never-ending/infinite competition
Where efficiency and speed become the only important things,
Assimilating with the people there.
Ultimately, Connie loses the innocence she once had possessed,
And could never return to the 30,000ft space above again.


30,000ft is a team of 4 crews, including Jihyo Han majored in Music composition, Sejun Lee majored in Acting, Jiyoung Park from School of Dance, Kyoungbin Son majored in film. The team creates a fairytale-like artwork that expresses the innocence of their lost childhood.

KyoungBin Son
Director, PM, video design

KyoungBin Son, in charge of video design and production, makes a story about the innocence that busy people lose. Son tries to remind the answer of that what value we lose while becoming an adult. Amid the rapid development of digital technology, he is continuing such work by searching for analog sensibilities.

JiHyo Han

Jihyo Han majored in composition and was in charge of composing and designing the sound in this project. The VR performance was non-verbal, so the music needed to delicately express its narrative and atmosphere. Han is interested in the specificity of VR space and the possibility of music being played in this new space. Considering the changing characteristics of the space, the spatial sound, and the ambience sound, Han ultimately worked to stimulate the audience’s imagination of the space and situation.

Sejun Lee

Sejun Lee is concerned about how far he can express through the performance of acting. Lee is working on defining the distinction with the quiestion, how should acting be different from traditional acting with VR media.

Jiyoung Park

Jiyoung Park is a choreographer. Park pursues contemporary works based on ballet. She interacts with the audience through immersive performance, audience-participating performance, and media art using contemporary ballet movements. She started working about diaspora with her experience of growing up in a Korean-Japanese family. Starting from personal experience, she tries to call attention to issues such as diaspora, refugees, and civil war that are still ongoing worldwide.

Team interview