〈Do you like Bananas?〉

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Do you like Bananas?

This work focuses on the gaps between the VR (virtual reality) space and reality. A performance that is a little over 10 minutes is a fleeting moment, difficult to make any changes to a real banana. Whereas in VR, bananas rapidly ripen from green to yellow and from yellow to brown throughout the show. Through this, the audience can feel the gap of time between virtual and reality from the process of the bananas being ripened in different timelines.

In order to amplify the gap between reality and VR, the typical space in the work was set to deviate into an atypical form, the inspiration for which is derived from the increased blurring of forms as the banana ripens. In addition, the guide (actor) performs by having conversations with the audience as he walks, and fill in the narratives as he answers the questions thrown to the audience about life. In other words, the audience will look back on their lives by embarking on a cute trip in a space filled with bananas.


MANANA is a combination of ‘mouse’ and ‘banana’, which came from the fact that all the team members were born in the rat’s year and that the subject of the work was bananas. Without distinguishing roles, MANANA plans and organizes from A to Z to get fresh ideas and make it easy and fun for everyone to enjoy.

Yunji Kwon

Yunji Kwon is studying broadcasting videos. As she is interested in the new format, she has been working on various works such as vertical video, VR exhibition, and dance film, and is currently focusing on writing for the drama series. Kwon loves comedy and many specific genres, and she thinks immersion from unfamiliarity is an essential element of the story. She’s allergic to bananas.

Minhee Kim

Minhee Kim is majoring in architecture and trying many things related to space design. Along with studying housing, public architecture, and cities, she also works on the construction of space on the human scale and temporary areas such as exhibitions and performances. And she is continuously interested in the sense of space and trying to work through various media such as light, fabric, frame, and virtual space.

Minyoung Lim

Minyoung Lim majored in Visual Arts and worked on conceptual ideas that challenged the authority of famous paintings, religion, and older generations in flat paintings. Once she got frustrated while mimicking old paintings, it has led to abstract work. She thinks that abstract painting reflects her psychology as an indicator. Currently, she is working on a combination of formative and abstract forms mixed with many different organisms.

Wangwon Lee

Wangwon Lee majored in performing arts and currently working as an actor in play, musical, and drama. As the saying goes, “A play is a mirror of the times,” she tried the audience can reflect their lives by mirroring the characters in this project.

Jahyuk Koo
Music Director

Jahyuk Koo, in charge of music in this project, studied music and is currently studying anthropology. He focuses on listening to, exploring, and making music of various cultures into his own. He is currently working on multiple genres of music, aiming creation a sound that does not belong to any genre.

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