〈Jang-gu in the Club〉

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Jang-gu in the Club

Due to the COVID virus, people have lost the spaces where they could dance until their hearts race.

Through this virtual space, we want to recreate that time which has already become a fantasy of the past, to recreate the joy, perform, and dance with people from all over the world.

The existing club culture is centered on the West.

However, there is actually a long-existing club culture in South Korea too.

That is, from Jumak.

Using the tavern as the cornerstone, we want to break the stereotype that Korean music is boring and difficult.

As a result, we want to embody the traditional Korean sounds and dances through the virtual space, focusing on the Samulnori.


We will put the Jang-gu in the virtual space.

It will be great if you enjoy it.

Just like how politicians, scientists and medical professionals put in their best efforts in attempts to end the COVID virus,

We hope as artists, to extensively spread the happy virus through dance.

We hope that you would be happy.


ARTNORI is a compound word of ART + NORI (PLAY), proving that art can be a play. People who have fun in various fields based on film, dance, music, photography, fine arts, and VR gathered.

Ark Park
Director / Writer

Ark Park is a South Korean film director and artist. He is based on irony, absurdity, sarcasm and cynicism, and willing to work based in New York, Paris, and Berlin.
Park enjoys listening to the music of ‘samulnori’ master Kim Duk-soo and Haegeum Sanjo in Gi Young-Hee style and usually work in Dosan Park. He is concerned about aesthetic thoughts for virtual space and economic considerations for real space, and also studying how to achieve his dream of owning real estate in Seoul. In this project, he was in charge of planning and directing the VR experience.

Junghoon BakShim
Project Manager / Photo & Video

Junghoon BakShim, who majored in photography, is a visual artist based on photography. Regardless of media such as photographs, 3D, sculptures, and images, he creates, collected, and woven graphical images and guesses and tracks various scientifically undefined relationships. He became interested in VR while he was working to eliminate the fear that has been bothering him all his life by creating conflicts in virtual spaces.

Jun Ryu
Music & Audio Directo

Jun Ryu, in charge of music, graduated from the Department of Visual Arts. He has been playing guitar in various indie bands since 2007. Currently, he is studying in the music technology department in K-Arts. Starting from popular music, now he tries sublimating invisible things, such as non-music and technical errors, into sound art. Currently, he is researching the spatiality of virtual reality and the possibility of sound art.

Minah Kim
Choreographer / Performer

Minah Kim, in charge of choreography and performance in this project, wants to focus on the purity and expandability of dance and is interested in interactive work that can communicate with the audience. Kim is researching ways to make people feel happier and alive by feeling the moment through body movements. She hopes that everyone can get to know themselves better through her body, not just as a performer and a listener. Recently, she’s looking into changes of body and relationship between the audience and the performer through AR and VR. She is a member of dotavi group, a multi-disciplinary art group that expresses social issues or personal stories in various ways such as performance, video, installation, AR, etc.

Woogyeong Lee
Space(Stage) & Prop Director

Woogyeong Lee graduated from the Department of Visual Arts and is working across the border between drama, video media and performance. As a working mechanism to fictionalize the sense of performance and expose the background of cinematic production again, Lee wanted to continue to study the point where fiction and reality intersect in space. This work process has recently led to interest in the connection point between virtual and real spaces, and the above exploration continues in this project. Currently, Lee is concerned how virtual players’ stage can be effective in real-world spaces. Therefore, in this project, he is in charge of the composition and production of real-world stages that reflect virtual reality, and made the controller that players physically encounter.

Hyeri Lee
3D & Game Engine Director

Hyeri Lee, a sophomore in the multimedia video, is currently interested in ways to substantially affect people in education, prevention, and treatment content using VR and research that can prove it. Previously, Lee worked on the interactive VR exhibition contents to obtain information about artworks through VR experience. Through this process, she realized that VR has a lot of potentials to deal with practical issues. In the current project, she is in charge of the 3D and game engine director.

Wonjeong Lee
Artistic Director

Wonjeong Lee is currently studying in the Department of Visual Arts. Lee works with the name of “Wonjeong Department Store” and distributes dances of an incomprehensible courtship. Lee tries to find a way to establish an acceptable zone of events that are not publicly practical. Recently, Lee tries to work in response to the stimulus. The current project is creating research, visual concepts, 2D drawings, and virtual costumes for virtual spaces.

Juyeong Park
Space(Stage) & Prop Director

Juyeong Park, in charge of physical space design and installation, is working on reproducing narratives of memories and past events in various forms of videos and sculptures. He further studies the various temporal and empirical gaps between real and virtual spaces that individuals can sense using VR.

Jiyoung Hong


Sol Yoon

3D Graphic Artist

Jeongwoo Park

VR Space Designer

Jeongwook Goh

Space(Stage) & Prop Director

Hongseok Lee

Space(Stage) & Prop Director

Dongyoung Won


Junghoon Han

Technica Director

YunJeong Kim


DarwinTech Corp.

Technical Collaboration

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