On and Off

〈Landing [by accident]〉

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Landing [by accident]

Born in the 1990s, the writer was part of the last generation to indirectly experience colonial rule and World War II. The definition of indirect experience refers not only that through history books and materials, but the influence that grandparents or family members’ direct experiences have on one’s own growth. Therefore, as a contemporary artist, the writer would like to shed light on uncovered history using modern methods and present a viewpoint on the future. The theme of this work is diaspora, that is, inevitable movement. The writer’s grandfather was smuggled into Japan during the Japanese Colonial Period and became the first-generation Korean in Japan, and this is one of the writer’s indirect experiences. Even today in the 21st century, the movement of refugees continues all around the world. In this work, the audience experiences the refugees’ travel through the sea, the dangers posed by the fishes, and upon landing at the destination, inevitably become the refugees themselves as they are forced to move. The audience somehow arrive on land after roaming about in the sea and pulling through unscathed from the dangers. It is a voyage filled with constant dangers and one filled with hope for a life after the arrival which did not came easy. Through this journey across the sea, it is hoped that a further step towards reconciliation could be taken.

On and Off

The name of the team, ‘On and Off’ came from their interaction method between online and offline to create works together. They gathered with various fields including dance, film, music, musical theater creation and animation, to make meaningful work.

Jiyoung Park
Director, PM, Performer

Jiyoung Park is a choreographer. Park pursues contemporary works based on ballet. She interacts with the audience through immersive performance, audience-participating performance, and media art using contemporary ballet movements. She started working on diaspora with her experience of growing up in a Korean-Japanese family. Starting from personal experience, she tries to call attention to issues such as diaspora, refugees, and civil war that are still ongoing worldwide.

Jihyo Han

Jihyo Han majored in composition and was in charge of composing and designing the sound in this project. The VR performance was non-verbal, so the music needed to delicately express its narrative and atmosphere. Han is interested in the specificity of VR space and the possibility of music being played in this new space. Considering the changing characteristics of the space, the spatial sound, and the ambience sound, we ultimately worked to stimulate the audience’s imagination of the space and situation.

Lime Gwon
VR Technic

Lime Gwon majored in Korean traditional arts and multimedia video and is researching how the body works in virtual space. Gwon is working on exploring the existing human movement and the movement of the world beyond the actual one, which is what artistic value to us. She is trying to reconstruct all senses, not just the visible human body, and eventually embody humans into multiple media.

Sujin Park
3D Graphic

Sujin Park graduated from the multimedia art history department, and is trying to find her distinct individuality as a 3D graphic designer. Based on her experience in creating 3D interactive animations as a graduation work, she participated in this work with an interest in interactive media. she is Currently interested in creating new things that don’t exist and finding another color of emotion in connecting the world with people.

Jeongeun Park
3D Graphic

Jeongeun Park is working on concept art, graphics, and video because she wants to produce her imagination in a lively way. Park wants to convey the impression when the vague image is actualized.

Heesu Mun

Heesu Mun is majoring in animation and cartoons. Mun draws by focusing on the thickness, texture, and rhythm to draw out her emotions and experiences. And also, she is drawing on various themes and working on illustrations and simple clip videos. Recently, she records and experience children’s expressions in their art studios and produce children’s educational videos.

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