〈No-normal in wonderland〉

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No-normal in wonderland

The normal standards of a society created by the majority make it difficult for an individual to make independent choices. People unconsciously make decisions within the framework established and enforced by the majority and perceive things outside this framework as abnormal. No-normal in Wonderland is about maintaining this “normality” that society upholds and expressing an “individual identity” while being observed by others. Players face different situations at each level and make choices in accordance with the rules, and continue to play facing the results of their choices.

What choice will the player make when he/she reaches the final level after going through all these steps?

The rules in No-normal in Wonderland serve as a sub-society, and players can freely choose within the rules; however, the choice is only “halfway free” as it abides by the rules of the game to an extent. Using this halfway freedom, the player decides whether to comply with the rules or make his or her own way, and moves forward while choosing between the “uncomfortable gaze” of the game society and “freedom.”

What is it like to maintain an individual self-identity in a society? In our society, where the opinions of the majority are considered as absolute truths, I hope that this game will allow players to experience overthrowing normality even for a short while and feel the sense of liberation resulting from it.

We support every “No-normal” being and their adventures!


No-Normal has consisted of four people: Eunkyeong Kang, who is working on interactive graphics, Jihye Park, who creates/produces art games, Jisoo Lim, who designs projection mapping visuals with interest in generative art and audio-visual. And Bora Youn, who works as a scenographer and art director in theatrical arts.

Eunkyeong Kang
Project Manager

While Eunkyeonng Kang thinks art is communication between people to convey emotions and thoughts, she works on interactive work using graphics to become an artistic messenger. With Kang’s interest in the boundary between reality and unreality, she researches to visualize the expansion of fantasy in reality with various media.

Jihye Park
Level Design

Jihye Park, in charge of level design in this work, majored in interaction design and has been working on game art production and related research since graduate. Her central idea of work is the aspects and stories that technology changes human life and actively borrows the play elements of the game in the way of interaction.

Bora Youn

Bora Youn took a role in the development and level design of this project. Youn is working as a stage-costume-doll designer who visualizes a story in the stage space and communicates with the audience through the stage, characters(costumes, dolls), and props. Further from being an art designer in dramatic arts, as a scenographer, she wants to share “the stories of characters who are a little strange and easily misunderstood” within the drama space. Youn is researching the expansion of the dramatic space that allows the audience to feel the story sensibly through playful activities using objects in the theatrical area.

Jisoo Lim
Graphic Design

Jisoo Lim is majoring in multimedia video and studying generative art and audio-visual work with special interest. Lim is also working as a projection mapping visual designer for various plays and performances.

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