Ingrowing Liaison Office

〈WWD : Divers〉

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WWD : Divers

It starts with questioning the justification of the need to preserve the diversity of species. Questions such as “Why must diversity be preserved?” and “Why is it difficult to preserve diversity?” are raised while looking at the possibility of oneself becoming an object or a subject of diversity elimination.

In 2016, the name WWD: Divers was taken from the task guidelines of Kim Ki-choon, the former Chief Presidential Secretary. Mentioned in the memoirs of Kim Young-han, the late former Chief of Staff for Civil Affairs, was the humorous rendering of Kim’s list into acronyms: (1) weeklyization of night time; (2) weeklyization of holidays; and (3) devastation of presumption, with a slight twist: (1) weeklyization of subscriptions, (2) weeklyization of likes, and (3) devastation of notifications.

In WWD: Divers, the player is placed in a system of algorithms within an online platform that leads the user toward anti-intellectualism. Taking advantage of the scrolling and dragging functions in smartphones that are used to manipulate social networking sites and media platform windows, a mechanism of dragging and holding notes was used. In a mechanism that is a metaphor for the movement of the smartphone window, the player drags the note character, recognizing that each note has an individual sound and that a hold needs to be maintained long enough to increase the duration of the note’s sound. Experiencing easy and effortless dragging and difficult and hard-pressed dragging, the players realize that they need to drag on difficult routes to preserve the diversity of notes.

The longer the player drags and holds, the more chords of different sounds accumulate, but on the other hand, the shorter the time of the drag and hold, the less the individual sound of each note is maintained. By recognizing that the more power one puts in, the more sustainable the sound becomes, the player realizes the difficulty of preserving diversity.

Ingrowing Liaison Office

The Incoming Liaison Office is a team of five crews: game designer/technical artist/creative designer Teo Bahk, script manager Jinkyung Her, music-sound designer/level designer Jiwon Kwak, project manager/art designer/level designer Seuli Lee and lead programmer Moses Yu.
The team members created a team name Ingrowing Liaison Office through a game where words suggested by them were randomly chosen, and interestingly, on their first meeting they discovered that all of them were introverts. To make good use of such distinct personalities the English term “Ingrowing” was used, with the collective sentiment being “Let’s think about it as a positive sign of introverts coming together to make games and grow.” This project covered the “diversity” which can be missing while using online media platforms and social networking services.

Jiwon Kwak
Music/Sound Designer, Level Designer

Jiwon Kwak constructs online/offline space and produces sound as the background of the video. Kwak hops that her sound can flow to the senses beyond time and space and remain in my memory. She has produced sounds for videos, exhibition spaces, and web pages in collaboration with visual artists. In addition, Kwak makes music using analog instruments, digital instruments, and sound collected by herself and currently is working as a guitarist of band “Ingaego.”

Teo Bahk
Game Designer, Technical Artist, Creative Designer, Animator

Teo Bahk produces motion graphics and interactive media. Bahk researches the possibility of various visual expressions and is concerned about the impact of Internet culture on the Korean media landscape.

Moses Yu
Lead Programmer

Moses Yu is working as a programmer in a duo with a game designer; in media art. Currently, Yu is mainly working on developing unity and the front end.

Seuli Lee
PM, Art Designer, Level Designer, Animator

Seuli Lee tries to look at the possibility of how generations familiar with Internet culture and game culture can create new political spaces. Therefore, She wants to work in solidarity in online games to create a subtle zone between reality and games. Lee is interested in the presence and political possibilities of ‘play’. She is currently working on a web game about mother-daughter relationships featuring personal experiences in trauma.

Jinkyung Her

Jinkyung Her aims performance that can interact with the audience because she was and is being an audience. She is looking for an alternative through the game to contacting the audience in a virtual space where the performer’s physical body doesn’t exist. Recently, she is testing these approaches by text while trying to mailing service. She is also planning a play through learning the Korean traditional performances.

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