309, 2021

Networking Party ‘Welcome to Jang-gu in the Club’ on VRChat

Networking Party <Welcome to Jang-gu in the Club> Jang-gu in the Club in VRChat (c) ARTNORI KNUA Due to the coronavirus, we lost our space to listen to music and dance. We want to recreate the joy of fantasy in a virtual space, play and dance with global people. Club culture has been centered on Western music and Western dance so far. ARTNORI will invite you to the 'Jang-gu in the Club', where anyone can dance excitingly with traditional Korean sound based on Samullori Instrumental Music. You can access the Jang-gu in the Club once you received an invitation link. We are ready to present you with a fantastic time that you have never experienced before. Are you ready to have fun?     [Event Details] - Titles: Welcome to the Jang-gu In The Club - Date and Time: September 12, 2021, 8-9 pm KST / 1-2 pm CEST - Maximum entry: 30 people (including two performing DJs) - Contents:      - Networking Party     - Two DJing performances      - Various elements [...]

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