Networking Party ‘Welcome to Jang-gu in the Club’ on VRChat

Networking Party <Welcome to Jang-gu in the Club>

Jang-gu in the Club in VRChat (c) ARTNORI KNUA

Due to the coronavirus, we lost our space to listen to music and dance.

We want to recreate the joy of fantasy in a virtual space, play and dance with global people.

Club culture has been centered on Western music and Western dance so far.

ARTNORI will invite you to the ‘Jang-gu in the Club’, where anyone can dance excitingly with traditional Korean sound based on Samullori Instrumental Music.

You can access the Jang-gu in the Club once you received an invitation link.

We are ready to present you with a fantastic time that you have never experienced before.

Are you ready to have fun?



[Event Details]

– Titles: Welcome to the Jang-gu In The Club

– Date and Time: September 12, 2021, 8-9 pm KST / 1-2 pm CEST

– Maximum entry: 30 people (including two performing DJs)

– Contents: 

    – Networking Party

    – Two DJing performances 

    – Various elements of play, such as tightrope walking and popping, etc. 

– Entry Access: Please fill in the google form, so we can provide you with further information.



Ark Park | Director/Writer

Junghoon BakShim | PM/Photo&Video)

Jun Ryu | Music & Audio Director

Minah Kim | Choreographer/Performer

Jiyoung Hong | Performer

Hyeri Lee | 3D & Game Engine Director

Wonjeong Lee | Artistic Director

Sol Yoon | 3D Graphic Artist

Jeongwoo Park | VR Space Designer

Woogyeong Lee | Space(Stage) & Prop Director

Juyeong Park | Space(Stage) & Prop Director

Jeongwook Goh | Space(Stage) & Prop Director

Hongseok Lee | Space(Stage) & Prop Director

Dongyoung Won | Modeling

YunJeong Kim | VRChat PD

Junghoon Han | Technica Director

Technical Collaboration : DarwinTech Corp.


The event is hosted by Art Collider Lab, K-Arts for 2021 Ars Electronica Garden Seoul Festival.

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