Immersive Performance




“Tinkers” believes that Talchum has a carefree spirit that is not tied to any form or convention.
Everyone says that there is communication in digital spaces and that they have created meeting places, but their words seem empty. Since sincere communication and interaction have become more important than ever, is a virtual space not the most suitable place to spread the spirit of Talchum?

“Hustle” has a structure that can connect audiences to virtual performance via web browsers. It aims to provide audiences with a total immersion experience a every moment of the performance, considering the real-time virtual performance, as well as a “path” for watching the real-world performance.


“Tinkers” wants to play the role of a tinkerer, connecting unconnected beings who have migrated to the digital space. As images, people, and various other objects move from reality to virtual spaces, they lose their connections. “Tinkers” wants to connect these beings and explore the new hybrid experience that is created. “Tinkers” consists of K-Arts students from the School of Visual Arts and the School of Korean Traditional Arts.

Raegyun Kim attempts to show stories and social trends made by people in society through digital media. By immersing audiences while keeping distance, he pursues works having continuity with the present time and reality, not simply remaining in the area of amusement.

Taeyang Yoo is interested in works based on online or virtual spaces. He contemplates how to distort and show new customs that technology and media have produced.

Hyunki Kim, majoring in masked dance, attempts to re-organize not only the original forms but also the dance moves of the traditional masked dance.

Byeongho Son is interested in the convergence of art and technology. He makes a variety of attempts with an expectation of what kind of interesting performance would be produced when technology and masked dance converge. In addition, he strives to create his own work, aiming to perform overseas.

Team interview