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Hayne Park

〈Digital Trypanosomiasis〉

Digital Trypanosomiasis

Trypanosomiasis is a disease caused by a protist pathogen called trypanosoma, which causes a person to die in sleep. This piece, titled Digital Trypanosomiasis, is an archival + narrative digital work based on humanistic research into sleeping sickness. In a digital world where everything works on a graphical surface, it starts from the surface of a moving glass (moving screen), similar to trypanosoma, which causes sleeping sickness, and reflects on the organism, the surface, sleep, and death in a digital environment.

Hayne Park

Hayne Park works with light and glass as the main materials and is the lighting creator of “Gloryhole Light Sales” (2015 to the present). With the exhibition “Gloryhole Light Sales” (Open Circuit, Seoul, 2015), Park started her career producing glass lighting. Based on these activities, Park studies and expresses her interests into glass, life, and technology. Park’s work focuses on connecting life and the digital within the theme of glass. Park’s main exhibitions include “Unparasite” (Platform L, 2021) and “Ghost Shotgun” (Audiovisual, Seoul, 2019); she was/were chosen as participating artist for the “Artience Exhibition” (2020-2021).

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