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Jung Won Yoon

〈Fabricated Containers 02〉

Fabricated Containers 02

〈Dark Ride v.1.0 – Smooth, Soft and Cute: Universal Rendering Studio〉

Jung Won Yoon explored the work of meeting the perspective of contemporary media that “cites various non-human scale areas on the human scale” in various new media with other types that actually exist; this differs from “the era of expanding and diversifying the human scale” in the world in the four works grouped into the previous fabricated containers 01 project and the performance inspired by an ancestral rite for the deceased, who no longer exist (2020). After conducting research in the field of dance related to “Distribution of the body: A study on alteration and individuality caused by digitalization of the body and movement” (2021), the perspective that studies and exposes the media itself (rather than the nature of a subject) was firmly established.
Human media operate as a “smooth, soft, and cute” alteration-machine that can be shown anywhere. The strongest power of the alteration-machine comes from the fact that once the media is sufficiently advanced, it does not matter if the real life it reflected no longer exists or becomes something completely different. Moreover, humans are no exception to the media rendering, which became advanced after sufficient experiments and practice.
〈Dark Ride v.1.0 – Smooth, Soft and Cute: Universal Rendering Studio〉, which was numbered as the fabricated containers 02 project, transfers the scenes encountered while exploring the process of replacing rather than falsifying; it thus moves beyond the human gaze on a specific nature, life form, and movement, and the media designs based upon it convey nature, living things, and movements to the web as an attraction in the “Dark Ride” genre that can be found in amusement parks, such as Universal Studios.
The pig-rendering scene, laboratory microbe rendering, rendering of cute stuffed animals and objects in organic form, rendering of skin epilation, and the food-toilet scene are move through. At the scene, the series of drawings and images of the fabricated containers 01, and the series of drawings and images of the fabricated containers that will follow are hidden. The term “rendering,” which is actually used in all of these fields, is a major concept that encompasses all the reasons, processes, and results of fabricated containers created by humans. It is considered 3D modeling and virtual reality itself, which are mentioned as the next world.

Jung Won Yoon

Jung Won Yoon analyzes and reinterprets the way media works through research that crosscuts science, dance, and technology. She explores new possibilities of dance in works including Nature of Life (Seoul International Choreography Festival, 2018), which explored the relationship of “Poetry-Media-Body,” and Adaptation to Tolerance (Seoul Dance Film Festival Best Picture Award, 2019), which explores the differences and totality of video language and dance language. While studying the body-media relationship through Distribution of the Body: A Study on Alteration and Individuality Caused by Digitalization of the Body and Movement (Seoul Cultural Foundation RE:SEARCH, 2021), the artist is examining the structure and dynamics of media revealed at the interface between human and non-human animals that have lost their status through fabricated containers 01 Fabricated Containers (01 Project, 2020) and the follow-up collaboration with the Korea Life Science Research Institute Artience Daejeon (2021-2022).

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