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Jee Youn Kim

〈Inside the Rubik’s Cube〉

Inside the Rubik’s Cube

“Human scale” is an architectural term, which refers to a concept that defines the size of a space based on the size of the human body. Consequently, it is a measure that gives humans the most stability and, in architecture, it is considered the ideal scale. Therefore, how about entering a virtual space rather than reality? In virtual space, we can change the size of space and our body. In virtual space, the human scale can be a different concept. It can be treated in various ways depending on the size, direction, status, dimension, type of media contact, and the state of the player.

This piece is designed so that the viewer can experience becoming the subject of reality and virtual space by manipulating the real object (cube) and transforming the virtual space connected to the object. Based on the form of a Rubik’s Cube, the work stems from the artist’s imagination of entering the cube’s structure rather than its surface. While the real cube was manipulated only by considering the color arrangement on the surface, once connected to the virtual world, it must consider each piece’s direction, connection, and the alteration due to the rotation. Through the connection between the real object and virtual space, we can view the inside and outside of the space constituting them and virtual space is put in our hands as it becomes more connected to reality. By experiencing the spatial transformation inside and outside the rotating cube simultaneously, the viewer can experience the combination and coexistence of “outside” and “inside,” “reality” and “virtuality,” “plane” and “dimension.” The artist thus suggests that we can thereby expand the scope of the “human scale” we can experience.

Jee Youn Kim

Jee Youn Kim majored in architecture at the Korea National University of Arts, became aware of the new physical system of virtual space created in the computer world based on architectural concepts, and wants to utilize this in various fields. Kim’s work begins by imagining various forms of space. Kim is creating a multidimensional worldview that cannot exist in reality but can exist virtually. By connecting the Science Fiction world-like virtual space to reality, Kim wants viewers to realize her own artistic world.

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